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Pack a “To Go” Box for Your Home or Office Move

If you think of moving from one location to another with either your home or office belongings as organized chaos perhaps itís time for you to think about how to effectively manage your move and take better control of the process. Youíll be able to get some professional tips from the team of residential Montreal movers that you select ahead of time; perhaps the small business moving company with which you partner can also enlighten you about how to carefully plan for your move if youíre changing business locations. No matter the distance or the type of move that you are making, a “to go” box can be the tool that you use to make your transition smoother and more successful.

The “to go” box that you pack for the move of your residential belongings will contain items like dish soap, dishcloths and towels, and all-purpose cleaners and sponges to tidy up the area when you first arrive. Youíll need a kitchen knife, a glass, plate, knife, and fork for each family member, and a small pot and pan in which to prepare quick meals and snacks. If youíre a coffee lover, you may want to place your coffee pot and a small amount of coffee and filters inside your “to go” box. Be sure to inform your residential Montreal movers that you will take ownership of this box and transport it to your new home.

Partner with a Small Business Moving Company

Any small business moving company with which you partner to relocate your business should provide you with a complete schedule of how and when the move will take place. Using this as a guideline, you can pack your “to go” box for the business with the important documents that youíll need along with immediate office supplies that you must use before the larger boxes are unpacked. Be sure to take along your list of critical phone numbers and contacts so that none of your clients are left unattended as the move progresses. Youíll want to select a small business moving company that will expedite your move so that the down time that you experience is minimal and your business operations arenít impacted negatively during the transition. If you have employees who are making the move along with you, instruct them to also pack a “to go” box filled with the materials that theyíll need to continue to work uninterrupted and in a seamless manner.

Planning ahead, packing essential items that you donít want the movers to transport for you, and remembering the details of the necessities of your home and office needs will make your “to go” box much more effective and your move less stressful.

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