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Step-by-Step Guide to Hiring Local Movers

Moving is a stressful undertaking. Entrusting strangers to transport your personal belongings safely can be anxiety-inducing. However, to ensure the process is as stress-free as possible, we’ve created a short step-by-step guide to hiring local movers.

1. Get Local Recommendations

Start the hiring process by getting recommendations from local friends, family or the real estate agent who helped you purchase the home. Your real estate agent usually has a wealth of knowledge on reputable movers as they’ve helped other families move, therefore they can shorten the process and make step 2 (listing local movers) quicker.

2. Create A List of Local Movers

Once you have recommendations from your real estate agent, begin creating a list. Do your research, have a list of at least ten movers, which you can then narrow down based on a thorough analysis of their work ethic.

3. Ask Pertinent Questions About The Moving Process

Fees can often become a contentious subject. Therefore start a telephone interview with potential movers by enquiring about charges. Some movers may not be forthcoming about costs, while other movers may be unscrupulous and have hidden fees. Since you’re essentially trusting strangers with your belongings, be sure to enquire about the fees – if they have any additional fees that aren’t listed in the estimate. Then, ensure that anything you have spoken about through a telephone conversation is confirmed via email.

Next, enquire about being compensated. If any of your belongings are damaged, you must know how you will be compensated. If you have to pay additionally for more comprehensive insurance, consider it, as it safeguards you should anything go wrong.

Furthermore, enquire about their team: their experience, how long, and how long they have worked for the company. The answer to these questions can be very revealing and help you determine whether the moving company is reputable.

4. Choose A Reputable Move

Don’t be swayed by low estimates. Movers that don’t have such a good reputation often choose to charge less. Therefore, base your choice on the experience you’ve had with a mover until that point, their experience, and whether they have a good reputation.

Any mover that has these red flags, should be avoided:

  • Only recently establishing a business
  • Aren’t licensed or don’t have a registered business
  • Aren’t transparent when you enquire about services and fees
  • Lack full address details for the company on their website

As trusted local movers, we’ve made it our business to carefully transport your goods with care and attention. If you’re moving locally, contact us for a free estimate. Our team with 18 years of experience will be glad to help.