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Pros and Cons of Moving During the Holidays

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The summer tends to be the busiest season for buying and selling homes. However, you may find a better deal later in the year, especially around the holidays.

If you are thinking about hiring a Montreal moving company during the holidays, there are a few additional details to consider. The weather, your children’s school schedule, and other factors can make a holiday move easier or more complex.

Benefits of Moving During the Holiday Season

Fewer people move during the holidays. If there are few homeowners searching for Montreal movers, you may have more options for scheduling your move.

A local moving company may be busy throughout the summer. Instead of working around your schedule, the movers may have limited availability. During the winter, this should not be an issue.

With less demand for local movers, moving companies often lower their rates during the holidays. Along with better deals on homes in the winter, you may find that the cost of moving is less expensive.

Moving during the winter is the perfect time for a fresh start. You can ring in the New Year in your new home. You will have one less item to add to your list of tasks for the new year.

The holidays may also make moving easier on your children. Getting to choose a new bedroom is a great holiday present and may help your children get more excited about the move.

Potential Issues with Moving During the Holidays

While working with a local Montreal moving company can eliminate some of the stress of moving, you also need to deal with the stress of the holidays. Attending holiday parties, baking cookies, and shopping for presents can take a lot out of you.

If you want to avoid the added pressure of planning a move and planning holiday gatherings, let your family and friends know about your move. Let them know that you may not have as much time to help with holiday decorations or showing up for every event.

The holiday season also brings cold weather and snow. Montreal tends to get a lot of snow, which can make for a muddy situation when moving. Loading and unloading often requires many trips in and out of the house, bringing in snow and mud.

Experienced local movers are prepared for these issues. They protect your possessions and your home from damage during the moving process. With the right moving company, you should not need to worry about damaging the flooring in your new home.

Last Thoughts on Moving During the Holidays

Hiring Montreal movers during the holidays may provide you with several advantages and a few potential drawbacks. Before planning your move, consider these details and plan accordingly.

If you know that you are going to move around the holiday season, contact a local moving company and check their availability. You should also let relatives know that you may need to skip a few gatherings or that you might need extra help with moving arrangements.

The holiday season is a time for giving. You may find that you get a little extra help from those around you.